NEWSLETTER Month of March 2019
Financial Secretary Gerry Lockwood would like to remind Br. Knights who have yet to pay their 2019 due to do so as soon as possible.  You can bring your payment to the February General Meeting or give Br. Gerry a call at 604-846-8923 to line up a convenient drop off.
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Built in 1912, the original Chilliwack City Hall now serves as home to the Chilliwack Museum
DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT’S CORNER/DGK Gerry Cranley   Brothers Larry Whyte and Lyle Dalman have been very busy operating in the Faith program.   Larry has gathered information and started the processes with the RSVP and the Spiritual Reflection segments.  Executive and council have approved the selection of a candidate for RSVP.  Lyle has been busy organizing a Memorial Mass with Fr Gomes and have a tentative date set for early March (we missed this for November) please stay tuned.  Larry and Lyle are seeking help with executing these events.  Again we are still looking for some Br Knights to come forward to Chair the Life and Faith Programs.      Br Erick Violato is organizing a Church Improvement Committee to address some of the areas of disrepair within the church itself pending Fr Gomes’ approval. Please stay tuned for any updates.  Anyone is welcome to contact myself or Br Erickson if you are interested in participating.      I have been approached by the CWL in regards to a joint venture between the CWL, St Marys School and our Knights of Columbus Council to have a Community Fair in June of this year.  All of the proceeds will go towards the school for much needed equipment and educational upgrades.  I am anticipating that we would need a couple of Knights to sit on a planning committee and the help of our council members to volunteer to make this event a success.    Council participation has been deferred pending more information but the interest is positive. I will pass on information as soon as it comes available to me. Please contact me if you are interested in helping out.     Last and by no means least, I wanted to thank all Brother Knights for their help and participation with the Membership/Prospect Survey.  Especially Peter Lindenhoff for writing the script for the announcements and organizing speakers to make the announcement at the Masses.  Thank you to all of the speakers. I printed approximately 150 copies.  At last count I estimated that between 50-60 surveys were handed out.  So far I have received 5 completed forms so hopefully there will be many more to follow as this is very important for feedback.
MEMBERSHIP/RECRUITMENT UPDATE/Br Knight Dale Erikson      Brother Peter Prost is still working on putting together a First Degree Team, if you can help out, please contact him. The Team is really needed, as we have 4 new applications that are ready to go through the Initiation Degree.    A Patriotic (Fourth) Degree was offered in February in White Rock.  We had 3 Brother Knights exemplified. They are Sir Knight Jean Godbout, Lyall Dalman and Steve Bede. Congratulations to all of you.          There was a Knighthood (Third) Degree in Maple Ridge in February. We had 3 members planning to attend however the only Brother Knight to attend was Dave Johnson, so congratulations to Dave in achieving his Knighthood Degree.     I still do not have a final date, but a Second Degree being planned by our DD in Chilliwack in April, details later.  We have 15 members that are still First Degree and hope that they can attend this and continue to move up to the Formation Degree.    Recruiting is an ongoing ministry, so if you know of a Catholic gentleman that might be interested in joining, either go through the interview sheet with him, or give me his contact information and I will complete the required meeting and paperwork.    While we are aware that many of you are still working and have growing families with active schedules and other members do not feel comfortable with driving at night, it would certainly be nice to have a larger attendance at our meetings. Just to see and be part of the decision making that goes on at the meetings and perhaps coming up with new ideas how we can thrive and work together as a Brotherhood in our Catholic community.  Please try to make 2019 the year to be present at two or more meetings. If you need a ride please call myself or another member that lives nearby and come to the meeting together! See you there!
MONTHLY POTLUCK AT THE PARISH   A reminder to Brother Knights (and their families) of the Monthly Potluck Supper on Sunday March 3rd from 3-6pm at St. Mary’s Gym.  While small in numbers, the turnout of Knights families attending continues to grow.  Come join the fellowship!
PRO LIFE NEWS The Chilliwack Pro-Life Society will be holding its Annual Fundraising Dinner Fri March 22nd, 6pm at City Life Church, 46641 Chilliwack Central Rd.  The guest speaker will be Scott Klusendorf, president of the Life Training Institute and author of “The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.”  Tickets are $30 each and are available through the Pro-Life office at 4-45762 Patten Ave or call 604-795-3091.
THEIR MEMORIES LIVE ON FOREVER It has been a difficult few weeks for our Council as several families mourn the loss of loved ones.   Sincere condolences and prayers go out to the families of BK Jacob (Barbara) Fauth, Cecile (Fred) Fischer and Marianne (Gerry) Gross.    It is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, but let it be some solace to know that Jacob, Cecile and Marianne are reaping the rewards of lives well spent in service to the Lord.