NEWSLETTER Month of October 2017

Membership & Recruitment News

Br. Dale Erikson, Recruitment Director As I said last month we were very fortunate in getting some very good new members into the First Degree last year, and again I would like to welcome them to our Council. However, we are into a new fraternal year and have a new objective. So, if you know any good Catholic gentlemen that are not a member of the Knights, make them aware that we would like him to join. Please give me their contact information and I will look after it and get them to sign a Form 100 and also an Interview form that needs to be completed. Once that is completed, the next step is for our Council Chaplain, to approve the candidate for membership. Then, we can invite him to a First Degree ceremony. We have a couple of interested men and will be arranging to attend a First Degree Ceremony, hopefully in October. Besides that, we all need to become more involved with the Knights and explore the opportunities that we have to help our parish and our community. As you read the monthly Columbia magazine, there are examples of events that other Councils are doing in their communities. I am also very sure that many of you also have some great ideas of what we can do in Council 3478. Don’t ever feel that an idea is not doable, maybe with a little discussion and brainstorming it could work. If you don’t feel capable of chairing the event perhaps you could work with someone that is willing to and work with them.  Every time that we have an event where we work together, it is an enjoyable experience, just ask any of us that have been part of it. But please do attend meetings and bring your ideas forward. Thank you and we will see you at the next meeting.
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CHARITY APPEAL CHAIR        BR PETER PAZDERA  The 2017-2018 Charity Appeal is our annual (province/country/continent) wide fundraiser, selling raffle tickets to the public to win vehicles and cash prizes. There is a delay with receiving our tickets from the state chairman, but as soon as they arrive we need volunteers to take multiple books and sell them to friends, family, neighbors and associates. Sales will begin soon with a ticket sales table at the Cottonwood Mall October 6-20, and we need volunteers to attend the table for 3-4 hour shifts. Please volunteer a few hours of your time by contacting BK Yvo deBoer at 604-824-9599, are quite easy to sell as the prizes are appealing, and at only $2/ticket or $20/book, they are affordable for everyone. It is recommended that you focus on selling full books rather than single tickets, as the money handling is much easier for everyone, and our volume of sales is higher. Remind buyers that they are not just buying a chance, they are also making a charitable donation to the Knights works in the community.  Some members set up a table display at their favorite pub or social club, with venue permission of course, and can easily sell hundreds of tickets. There are posters and material available if you would like to try this method.  Remember that the seller of the most books wins a prize, and our council works towards another Star Council award by filling or exceeding our quota. When you are ready to take some books, please contact  BK Peter Pazdera at  604-720-3372, email , at  Council meetings or at 11:30 Sunday Mass. 
PHONE COMMITTEE Br Peter Lindenhoff We have seen some positive results coming out of our Phone Committee…attendance at our General Meeting is up and more Brother Knights and their spouses are taking in the monthly Birthday/Anniversary Dinner thanks in part to the work of this committee.  It’s also a useful resource for dialoguing with Brother Knights we don’t always see at meetings and functions to see how they’re doing.  I am still in need of one or two more Brother Knights who can commit to making a  dozen phone calls as required.
Need a Ride? Want to get to our General Meeting or Council functions but don’t have a ride?  Let the Phoning Committee know and we’ll do our best to pair you up with another Knight.
COMMUNITY DIRECTOR Br Yvo DeBoer Our Council is participating in the "Meals for Schools" program at the Education Centre on Elm Drive Council made an initial donation of  $500. and we will meet with the School to determine needs for the rest of the year.
AUCTION PARKING  Br Yvo DeBoer Our Council will be parking cars for Ritchie Bros at the Chilliwack Heritage Park on Wed. Oct 11th with the Parents  of St. Mary's School. Proceeds will go to the School There will be four shifts to cover the period from 6 AM to 6 PM.  Please call Yvo @ 604- 824- 9599 to volunteer.
OTHER COMMITTEE CHAIRS! The Chronicle exists to get the word out about Committee works and needs. Please email me prior to Tues. Oct. 31st at and I’ll be sure to add your info to the next Chronicle.  
 BK Peter Lindenhoff It’s been awhile, but our Council is on the road again! Join us as we pay a visit to Agassiz Council on Wed. Oct 11th. The car pool will depart from in front of Council 3478 chambers at 6:30pm SHARP. Call me at 604-798-4237 if you’d like to join us or are willing to drive a couple Brother Knights there.