NEWSLETTER Month of June 2020
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MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR BK Dale Erikson We are still staying at home and praying for a resolution to the pandemic that we are facing. Social distancing is a not an option, but a necessity. Our meetings are being held with on- line webinars and going very well. Our membership recruiting drives will have to be postponed for now. Our new Recruiting and Retention committee is also meeting online and being made aware of the task and the new Exemplification process. The committee will be responsible for identifying and schedule Membership church drives, open houses and team recruiting. But we all have to remember that recruiting is something all Brother Knights need to be active in. So, if you know of a Catholic gentleman that might be interested in joining, either go through the interview sheet with him and complete a Form 100, or give me his contact information and I will complete the required meeting and paperwork. Keep well, and keep praying that a vaccine for this COVID-19 virus will be found soon.
FROM MY CORNER Deputy GK Jean Godbout Gentlemen Knights: I Hope and pray in this crisis that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and sound. This will be like a reboot of your phone or computer. When all gets lost on your tablet. One step at a time we will reprogram in a safe way & be patient I'm told this crisis is here for awhile. Gentlemen planning for year-end Elections & the year to come will be ongoing. So "please" join us for an online meeting. Inform yourself. Just be there as a spectator. Ask to be invited even at the last minute! The Door is open. Hope to see your mug shot. GOD bless you and your family DKG Jean Godbout.
Brother Knights: As our Newsletters point out, your Council 3478 is working hard to ensure we are supporting our community through these very unique and trying times and have been providing coronavirus aid to many local organizations in need. To that end, part of the funds we need to operate come from our annual dues. Thanks to those that have provided their payment. For those with outstanding dues, a second notice will be mailed out as a reminder. There are 3 simple methods to make your payment. 1 - a cheque mailed to 9 - 45905 Yale Road, Suite 353, Chilliwack V2P 8E6, or 2 - a cheque dropped off at the parish office, or 3 - an e-mail transfer to using your membership number as the password. If by chance you’ve received a second notice but have made your payment, please let me know. Given these difficult times, it may not be possible to afford the dues payment. If this is the case, please let us know. Contact Dave Johnson at 604-793-6344 or and leave a message with your name. This information will be kept confidential. Thank you and God Bless
Your Newsletter Editor, Peter Lindenhoff, As we look for new and creative ways to connect while staying apart during this COVID crisis, I am hoping to get you away from the fridge and back to fitness. Download the free “STRAVA” app on your smartphone, create an account and invite me to join your friends list. My idea is non- competitive; rather through a built in KUDOS, we can encourage each other to walk, jog, cycle, even use home exercise equipment to stay fit!
From our New Financial Agent, PGK Andrew Godbout As a member of the Knights of Columbus since 2011, I enjoyed serving my home council (3478) as a Recorder, Chancellor, Deputy Grand Knight and eventually 3 years as Grand Knight. Since 2017 I have serviced the Metro- Vancouver area as a Knights of Columbus Field I am at your service; please do not hesitate in giving me a call or email if you have any questions or concerns at 604-819-7974 or Thank you and God bless” Agent and I am excited to now be able to return to the Fraser Valley and serve as your Field Agent, building relationships with people in the communities that I call home. As a result of the current need for social distancing, my plan is to reach out to the membership via email and meet by phone or over video/voice call to field any questions the membership may have.
Online Mass Update/Faith Dir. Peter Lindenhoff By now you’ve heard or registered by phone or online for Daily/Sunday Mass. In keeping with the wishes of Archbishop Miller and the Provincial Health Ministry, we are limited to 50 parishioners per Mass. Once the priest, two-member choir, altar server & lector are factored in, that leaves 45 spots in the pews (44 when Mass is livestreamed on YouTube). Call St. Mary’s and let them know which Mass you wish to attend. It’s important to those attending 9:30 and 11:30 Mass on Sunday to only arrive 15 minutes before to allow the volunteer cleaning crew time to sanitize the pews for your protection. You must enter by the main entrance to allow an orderly sign-in of those registered to attend (unregistered walk-up will not be allowed for now). Masked and gloved ushers will offer sanitizer and get everyone safely seated keeping the 2-metre safe distancing in place. Going up for communion will be a single line (instead of two). Only use the side doors to exit, they will be propped open to prevent repeated touching of the handles. And no socializing after Mass, please. A lot of thought and effort has been put into the return to small-crowd Masses so observe the safe distance rules and stay home if you’re not feeling well. More Ushers are urgently needed to ensure we have three at all Sunday Masses. Call me at 604-798-4237 if you can help out. The live- streaming of Daily and Sunday 9:30 Mass at St. Mary’s Parish will continue while safeguards against COVID19 remain in place. Type Saint Marys Chilliwack at and watch from the safety of your home. Take care and stay safe!
(the following was taken from the Fr Michael J McGivney Guild website) ROME – The Vatican today (May 27) announced that Pope Francis approved the promulgation of a decree recognizing a miracle attributed to the intercession of the founder of the Knights of Columbus, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, a Connecticut priest who served his flock during the pandemic of 1890, before himself becoming ill and dying of pneumonia. The pope’s action means that Father McGivney can be declared “Blessed,” the step just prior to sainthood. An additional miracle attributed to Father McGivney’s intercession will be required for his canonization as a saint. McGivney is best known for founding the Knights of Columbus in 1882. The miracle recognized as coming through Father McGivney’s intercession involved an unborn child in the United States who in 2015 was healed in utero of a life-threatening condition after prayers by his family to Father McGivney. “Father McGivney has inspired generations of Catholic men to roll up their sleeves and put their faith into action,” Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said. “He was decades ahead of his time in giving the laity an important role within the Church.” A date will soon be set for the beatification Mass, which will take place in Connecticut.
BK Peter Pazdera needs your help! Brother Knights! Are you a cyclist, or interested in bicycles, or handy with tools?  I am seeking interested Knights to form a team of apprentice mechanics and bike polishers to refurbish used bicycles. These fresh and reliable bikes will be donated to our own migrant worker ministry and to other Chilliwack charity organizations.
 Bicycles give people a cheap and effective mode of travel to work, shopping, friends and church. In this time of social distancing, cycling is a great activity to stay fit, keep our distance and save money on fuel in this uncertain economy. I have been a master bike mechanic for 30 years and an instructor. I will provide the tools, equipment, parts and training to create an efficient ‘Team Knights’ assembly line to process a number of bikes on a chosen day, several times in a year, or more often if there is team enthusiasm and a supply of bikes. Your easy task will be following the set of steps for your station in the assembly line, and change stations when you like to learn different skills. This is a valuable and fun opportunity to offer our own handiwork and offer love to less fortunate community members. Please contact me at 604-720-3372 to volunteer as a team member. (Guywires Cycle Tech)