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Thank   you   to   all   of   you   that   helped   us   reach   our   membership   goal.   However,   we   are   into another   year   and   will   have   a   new   objective.   So,   if   you   know   a   good   Catholic   gentleman that   is   not   a   member   of   the   Knights,   make   them   aware   that   we   would   like   him   to   join.   If   he is   interested   please   get   them   to   sign   a   Form   100   or   at   least   a   form   of   interest   with   their contact   information.   At   the   same   time   as   the   Form   100   is   filled   out,   there   is   an   Interview form   that   needs   to   be   completed.   In   that   form,   the   applicant   is   informed   about   what   the Knights   are   all   about   and   also   discuss   the   opportunities   and   rewards   for   being   a   Knight.   I can   email   you   a   copy   of   that   form   if   required.   Once   that   is   completed,   the   next   step   is   for Father   Nelson   as   our   Council   Chaplain,   to   approve   the   candidate   for   membership.   Once approved,   we   can   invite   him   to   a   First   Degree   ceremony.   We   have   a   couple   of   interested men   and   will   be   arranging   to   attend   a   First   Degree   Ceremony   in   the   not   too   distant   future. If   you   need   some   help   with   that   or   prefer   for   me   to   complete   the   process,   please   give   me their contact information and I will look after it. Thank you.  Have you thought about joining the Fourth Degree? I   have   also   been   appointed   Membership   Director   for   the   Fourth   Degree,   so   if   you   are interested   in   moving   up   to   the   Patriotic   Fourth   Degree,   please   contact   me   and   we   can discuss what is involved and when and where the next Exemplification will take plac

Membership & Recruitment News

Br. Dale Erikson, Recruitment Director
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Public Relations Chair/DGK Peter Lindenhoff Following   the   purchase   over   the   summer   of   our   Council/Assembly   laptop,   it’s   now time   to   take   it   to   the   next   level   and   start      using   it   to   screen   overhead   presentations following   Sunday   Mass.         I   plan   to   bring   up   for   discussion   at   our   September General    meeting    the    types    of    items    and    events    we    want    to    promote    for    the betterment   of   our   Council.         Two   that   come   to   mind   are   the   upcoming   Charity Appeal   Draw   and   a   short   recruitment   presentation.      A   reminder   that   I   am   not   a committee   of   ONE;   it   takes   the   collective   effort   of   several   Brother   Knights   to   make this happen. 
PHONE COMMITTEE Br Peter Lindenhoff We have seen some positive results coming out of our Phone Committee…attendance at our General Meeting is up and more Brother Knights and their spouses are taking in the monthly Birthday/Anniversary Dinner thanks in part to the work of this committee.  It’s also a useful resource for dialoguing with Brother Knights we don’t always see at meetings and functions to see how they’re doing.  I am still in need of one or two more Brother Knights who can commit to making a  dozen phone calls as required.
NEW KID IN TOWN Chronicle Spotlight : Fr Davide A new Council year, a new feature for our Newsletter. From time to time, we’ll be featuring a person of interest in our Chronicle.  This month the spotlight is on our new priest at St. Mary’s, Fr. Davide Lanzani, who transferred back in June from St. Patrick’s Parish in Vancouver.  The seventh of 10 siblings, he reminisces about how he wound up in Canada and what makes his faith strong: Chronicle: So I’ve heard you were born in the Philippines, yet you are Italian.  Can you elaborate on that? Fr. Davide: My parents were in Rome and met up with a movement in their Parish where they rediscovered themselves and started living their life in a community- based experience.  There they discovered their vocation was missionary work and they left their jobs and belongings behind to relocate to the Philippines where they have been for 30 years. Chronicle: How did you wind up leaving there for the Archdiocese of Vancouver? Fr. Davide: I entered a seminary in Rome when I was 18 years old, I finished my philosophy and theology there. I was about to be ordained following a one-year missionary appointment in Estonia when I was informed that Archbishop Miller was starting up a new seminary in Vancouver called Missionary Seminary Redemptoris Mater (Mother of the Redeemer) and was asked if I’d like to join them.  I’ve found that every time I did my will, I made a mess of my life.  Yet when I did the will of God, things turned out much better than I thought possible.  So I agreed, along with a few other seminarians from around the world, to relocate and found the new seminary.  After a year as a seminarian in Vancouver, the Archbishop ordained me and I was appointed to St. Patrick’s Parish in Vancouver for two years, then I was reassigned to St. Mary’s (in May of this year). Chronicle:  How was the adjustment coming to Canada from the Philippines? Fr. Davide:  The city setting was very different.  But having been to different places in the world, exposed to different cultures, I’ve always put my faith in the Lord’s calling. Chronicle:  With your varied background, you must be able to speak several different languages? Fr. Davide:  Well my Filipino upbringing exposed me to Tagalog; I grew up with Italian parents who had the family making frequent visits back to the old country.  English, of course, Russian (from my year in Estonia) and Spanish, which I picked up from my many Spanish friends and growing up around another missionary family from Spain. I’ve also picked up some French along the way. Chronicle:  You were telling me that you credit the Neo Catechumenal Way of teaching our Faith with playing a major role in your decision to enter the priesthood.  Can you explain what that is? Fr Davide:  The teachings were founded in Spain in the mid-1960s by Francisco Arguello, himself a Catholic who became distant from the Church, even became Atheist for a time.  He had a conversion experience, left everything behind and went to live with the poor in the shantytowns of Madrid and helped them rediscover their Faith.  The Neo Catechumenal Way is basically like an RCIA for those who are already Catholic but the “seed” of their Faith has laid dormant for many years.  There are so many people, even those who go to Mass for that one hour a week, or been baptized or confirmed, that don’t fully experience what the Church is all about. The Neo Catechumenal Way brings them back from an infantile Faith to live more deeply with Christ.  It also fosters a strong bond with fellow Catholics who share that common link of a seed of Faith in need of watering. Chronicle:  Do you have other siblings who have heard their own calling to become lay people? Fr. Davide:  We are scattered all over the place.  One is a missionary in Dubai in the heart of the Muslim world.  Another is affiliated with a mission in South Africa. I have one sibling in Dallas, another two are in Ireland, still another in London and a few still in Rome.  Chronicle:  So what does Fr. Davide like to do when he’s away from the office? Fr Davide:  (laughs) Well I hike and I ski.  Snow was something I never experienced growing up in the Philippines.  Many of my hobbies I’ve discovered since moving to Canada.  I love to play soccer and I’m a sports guy.  I love the competition. Chronicle:  Speaking of soccer, as a person with Italian roots, you must have a favourite team? Fr. Davide:  (grinning) Oh yes!  That would be Roma of course! Chronicle:  Looking back on all that you’ve accomplished in religious life, can you recall one spiritually uplifting moment that had a major impact? Fr. Davide:  There were several experiences, but the most powerful one that changed my life would be my year of seminarian work in Estonia.  Somehow God plan’s for me was to drop me off in Estonia away from my family, my fellow seminarians, my Catechists, my friends….everything, and placed me in a country where there is absolutely nothing.  The Catholics in Estonia number about 400 (the country’s population is 1.3 million) and I’ve never suffered so much.  That was the most powerful year for me because there is where I discovered that God is enough.  I felt like I was picked up and put in a desert where I saw over and over if you have God, you can do all things. The priest I was living with was dealing with constant crisis.  It was not an easy situation, yet I was happy through all the despair around us.  Chronicle footnote: Oddly enough, Father Davide’s first exposure to his future posting in Chilliwack was at last summer’s World Youth Day in Poland when his pilgrims from St. Patrick’s was paired up with Fr. Nelson and the pilgrims from St. Mary’s.  His transfer to Council 3478 is a work in progress!
Need a Ride? Want to get to our General Meeting or Council functions but don’t have a ride?  Let the Phoning Committee know and we’ll do our best to pair you up with another Knight.