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Still no sign of when the monthly Birthday/Anniversary dinner will resume. In the meantime, you can always pick up the phone or send an email greeting to the celebrants.
Council Calendar 2021
KEEP IN YOUR PRAYERS Repose of the soul of BK James Baillageron; BKs Gerry Lockwood, Clarence Krastel , Blake/Dorothy Baxter, Ed Dawdy, Yolande Chambers, Jules Cossette, Don Goodridge, Archie/Michelle Gendron, Adam Sieben, Jim Streuby, John/Diane Toussaint, Gerry Williams, John/Josie Vollebregt,
UPCOMING EVENTS FOR COUNCIL 3478 Sunday Mass Tue. Feb 2: Mon. Feb 15: Tues Feb 16:
2nd Frank Rinkenbach 5th Jay Lambert 5th Chris Winterhoff 12th Sergio Castillo 15th Brian Swoboda 26th Alejandro Carranza
Feb 4th Dave/Milly Parsons 2001 Feb 6th Richard/Susan Kranabetter 1971
Streamed via Parish YouTube page Executive Meeting Online Consecration to the Holy Family Mass General Monthly Meeting Online
10am 7:30pm time TBA 7:30pm
REMEMBERING PGK KEVIN FRANK Council 3478 remembers PGK Kevin Frank, who passed away Jan 30th with his wife Carrie by his side. A devout Catholic, Br Kevin served as Grand Knight from 2010-12 and was active in Parish and Council Activities so long as his health allowed it. Even when health issues limited his mobility, his Faith never wavered with frequent Home Eucharistic Ministry visits and the occasional visit from a Parish Priest. RIP Kevin, you will be missed.