CALENDAR OF EVENTS - September 2017
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September Anniversaries
September Birthday’s
1st Gerry Gross 2nd Charlie Montalbetti 4th Paul Rollheiser 4th Peter Song 6th David Johnson 11th Archie Gendron 11th John Vollebregt 16th John Court 19th Vern Bradwell 20th Ken Claridge 20th Robert Laramee 23rd Onile Turenne 24th James Baillargeon 27th Ken Dillon 29th Bill Cotterall
1st Len & Betty Marston 1972 3rd Kyeong & Okhee Ki 1987 5th Perry & Kim Sherstobetoff 1993 5th Brian & Kelly Swoboda 2009 10th Brian & Rowena Harrison 2007 11th Brent & Mari Noonan 1999 15th John & Joan Dancho 1956 17th Walt & Maureen Bliault 1988 17th Andrew & Melissa Godbout  2005 24th Gerry & Sharon Williams 1966 28th Peter & Ana Lindenhoff 1985 28th Bill & Debbie Loveday 1974 29th Jean & Joan Godbout 1979
Tues Sept 5 Executive Meeting 7:30pm KayCee Hall Tues Sept 12 Monthly Birthday/Anniversary Dinner, 5pm, Jimmy Js Tues Sept 19 Council General Meeting, 730pm, KayCee Hall
KEEP IN YOUR PRAYERS Kevin/Carrie Frank Archie/Michelle Gendron Paul Lauzon
A reminder of the monthly Birthday/Anniversary dinner Tues September 12th, 5pm, at Jimmy J’s (across from City Hall). Everyone gets a free piece of cake and Jimmy J’s honours the 20% off the total bill coupon you’ll find on Safeway cash register receipts.  See you there!