Faithful Navigator's Report
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April 2018
Greeting Sir Knights and Ladies: Thank you to all 26 Sir Knights and Ladies who attended our recent Luncheon/Meeting @ Jimmy J's Sunday March 25th, 2018. It was an afternoon of good food, good laughs and a great get together. Thank you to Jules Cossette and Fred Fisher who represented our Assembly at the recent convention in Richmond March 3rd, 2018. Thank you to Ken Claridge and the Pancake Breakfast Team for another successful Breakfast. I have heard many good reviews from many who attended. Thank you to those Sir Knights who helped with ushering at Holy Thursday's "The Supper of the Lord Mass" Our Monthly meeting will be Tuesday April 24th, 7:30pm in Council Chambers. I wish you all and your families a Blessed Happy Easter. Yvon Lauzon Faithful Navigator
Yvon Lauzon Faithful Navigator