Answers Q. Does it cost a lot of money to join the Knights? A. Membership dues are $35.00 per year payable quarterly or annually. There is also a one time Initiation fee of $25.00 payable at the time you join the Council. There are no special "assessment" or hidden fees. Back to Questions Q. Is it true that the Knights are a "secret" society? A. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because we raise money through Bingos and lotteries, everthing we do is subject to Government inspection and regulations. Only our ceremonies are "secret" so the fun is not spoiled for the next guy. Back to Questions Q. What are the principles of the Knights of Columbus? A. There are four "degrees" to the Knights of Columbus and there are "secret" ceremonies that teach the lesson of the principle of each degree. The First teaches the lesson of Charity, the Second teaches the lesson of Unity while the Third Degree teaches the lesson of Fraternity. Those that so desire, may choose to become a Fourth Degree member after belonging to the Kof C for one year. The Fourth Degree teaches the lesson of Patriotism. Click Here to refer to the Assembly website Back to Questions Q. How much of my time will you require? A. Ideally, we would like all members to be as involved as their own personal life style will allow. There are 10 General Meetings through out the year. However, as long as you pay your dues, whether you attend a meeting or not, you will remain active with the K of C. Back to Questions Q. When are the meetings? A. The General Meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month with the exception of July and August. Executive meetings (open to all members) are held on the 1st Thursday of each month. Back to Questions Q. Why should I join the Knights of Columbus? A. There are many reasons to join the Knights of Columbus. There is strength in numbers and world wide, we are 1.7 million Catholic men, all with common interests and values. We provide for the well being and care of the family; assist those in need and in distress; support the Holy Father and his Clergy; respect and love the Holy Family; fight for our Catholic way of life in a world that is turning it's back on God's Word; and fight for pro-life issues. The Knights of Columbus also offers it's members an opportunity to take advantage of our Knights of Columbus insurance program. Through over 120 years of growth, the K of C insurance has been rated by Standard and Poors as being in the top 1% of almost 2500 insurance companies in the United States. We offer many types of life insurance and upon joining, an agent will visit with you to explain your options. The Knights of Columbus can also provide you with more business involved in serving your parish Community. If you are new to Chilliwack, going to Mass knowing people is a lot more enjoyable than feeling like a stranger in your own church. Back to Questions Q. Am I required to buy life insurance in order to become a member? A. No. There is absolutely no obligation to ever buy anything from the Knights. However, upon joining the Order, you and your spouse will automatically receive, free of charge, a small accidental death policy insurance policy of $1,000 that will grow by $500.00/year and cap at $2,500. Back to Questions Q. What type of activities are the Knights involved with? A. That question requires a long answer. Briefly put, every activity we plan is designed (when possible) to include the family. We are a FAMILY FRATERNAL Order and to us, outside of love for God, the Family is our priority. Some of our annual activities include: a golf tournament, Family Christmas Dinner, Curling Bondspiel, Bowling night, Pancake Breakfasts and Year End Social. Anything is possible, provided we have the members who are willing to put in the effort to make it happen. Back to Questions Q. What does my membership entitle me to? A. As stated above, upon joining the Order, you and your spouse will automatically recieve, free of charge, a small accidental death insurance policy of $1,000 that will grow by $50.00/year and cap at $2,500.00. In addition, you will also recieve a monthly COLUMBIA magazine from our Supreme Office in Conneticut; a monthly supplement known as KNIGHT LINE; a monthly CHILLIWACK COUNCIL bulletin to keep you abreast of what is happening locally and a membership pin indentying you as a member of the Knights of Columbus. Your Council will also provide you with a council nametag. Back to Questions Q. What are the criteria to join? A. You must be a practical Catholic in Communion with the Holy See- the Pastor must approve your application, and you must be male, 18 years of age or over. That is it. Back to Questions Q Who do I contact? A. Our Grand Knigh is Andrew Godbout. He can be reached via his phone number, listed in the church bulletin. Alternately you can contact Ed Dawdy by email at Back to Questions Q. What if I move away from Chilliwack? A. There are almost 12,000 Knights of Columbus Councils in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and U.S. bases in Europe. Chances are, you'll find a council that you can transfer to. And if not..... start one! Back to Questions Q. Is there anything else I should know? A. The Chilliwack Council is well established and has been in the community since 1952. Today we have approximately 155 members from the age of 18 to 85+ making us one of the three largest Councils of 112 Councils in BC and the Yukon. Each member brings his own special gift and talent to our Council and it is those gifts that make us as strong and successful as we are. MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, WE WOULD LIKE TO ADD YOUR TALENTS TO OURS TO MAKE US EVEN STRONGER. Please contact us and invite us to your home to learn more. Back to Questions
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