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February 2021
 Invitation Dear Brothers: As you may know, Council 3478 has undergone some significant changes over the last few months. Along with these changes come some important decisions that need to be made. Given the current situation and not being able to engage in person, Council has been meeting virtually since restrictions were suggested from Supreme several months ago. If you have not been receiving invitations to Council meetings and wish to attend, please contact our Worthy Field Agent Brother Andrew Godbout via email at andrew.godbout@kofc.org. and request an invitation. If you cannot or decide not to attend virtual meetings for any reason, I urge you to keep up to date with Council business, activities and programs via our Monthly Newsletter that is post mailed and emailed to all Members monthly or Council and Executive Meeting Agendas and Council and Executive Meeting Minutes which are emailed to every Council member monthly. If, for any reason, none of these options work for you, then by all means call a fellow Brother Knight and get yourself updated. This information is put out there for the governing of your Council through membership participation. God Bless Brother Gerry Cranley Grand Knight. Council 3478
Dear Brothers and Families of Council 3478: I hope that you are all staying healthy, safe and Covid free. Council 3478 is managing to keep active while operating within mandated regulations. Our Charity Appeal effort will be wrapping up the evening of January 30th. As of January 15th, 3478 is holding second place in ticket sales by a very slim margin. If you, your family members and friends have not purchased tickets yet you have until 5:30pm on January 30th to do so. Just a friendly reminder it’s that time of year again. Brother Dave Johnson has sent out notices for Membership Dues. If you have a friend or family member who is contemplating joining the Knights of Columbus, now would be a good time to take advantage of free Memberships for one year. Check out kofc.org for details or you can also contact our Field Agent Brother Andrew Godbout @ andrew.godbout@kofc.org for information on special Membership offers. I would like to again mention to all of you that Council is in need of a few good leaders to fill some vacant Executive positions. We require a Life Director and a Health Director. Please consider offering your talents to these positions. Council 3478 will be holding our 2nd annual Consecration to the Holy Family Mass on Family Day, Monday February 15th at St Marys Church. Please watch for details. A few volunteers will also be required. Please contact me @ gcrankey@gmail.com or 604-819-4932 if you would like to volunteer. Stay safe and healthy. Hope to see you all at Mass very soon. GK Gerry Cranley God Bless Brother Gerry Cranley Grand Knight. Council 3478