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June 2020
Gerry Cranley Grand Knight, Council 3478
Dear Brothers, Wives and families of 3478. I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy through this pandemic. I also have been praying for all who have not been able to work, laid off or have lost income due to the current situation, that things can get back to normal very soon. Please. If anyone of you are struggling and your situation is growing urgent please contact me and our Council will do what we can to help you through this. Council 3478 has remained active throughout the social shutdown. We have been holding electronic Council and Executive meetings ever since restrictions were enforced. In fact, we didn’t even miss a meeting in the process thanks to the hard work from some of our tech savvy Brothers led by Brother Peter Lindenhoff. Thank you to all Brother Knights who have been attending these meetings. Brother Larry Whyte is working very hard as the lone member of the Nominating Committee getting Council ready for our upcoming Officer Election. Brother Larry has been very successful but we still do have a few positions available. Please contact Br. Larry or myself if you wish to help us out. Available positions are Advocate, Community and Life Directors. Please know that there are several experienced and knowledgeable committee Members to execute the duties. We just need a few good leaders to step up and share your talents with us. Yes there is a certain amount of responsibility involved but it will not require an exceptional amount of time. So please consider joining the growing amount of volunteers. Council has adapted our activities to enhance family enjoyment working shoulder to shoulder with your Brothers I am extremely proud to inform you that our Council received two awards recently at the State Convention held online the beginning of May. The first award was for best website. Thank you so much to Brothers Peter Lindenhoff, Jacques Francoeur and Ammar Nabod for all of your hard work. The second award we received was for best Keep Christ in Christmas event. Thank you so much to the Godbout Family, Joan, Heather and DGK Jean for their hours of work organizing and preparation. Thanks also to Br. Skyler Dufort and all the other Brothers who helped out. Also thank you to the Saint Marys Students who participated. I still think that we should have taken the best Newsletter award as well. The Council that won that must have had a pretty amazing one to beat out ours. God Bless and stay healthy.