Five Corners, Chilliwack, BC
FROM MY CORNER Deputy GK Jean Godbout Gentlemen Knights: I Hope and pray in this crisis that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and sound. This will be like a reboot of your phone or computer. When all gets lost on your tablet. One step at a time we will reprogram in a safe way & be patient I'm told this crisis is here for awhile. Gentlemen planning for year-end Elections & the year to come will be ongoing. So "please" join us for an online meeting. Inform yourself. Just be there as a spectator. Ask to be invited even at the last minute! The Door is open. Hope to see your mug shot. GOD bless you and your family DKG Jean Godbout.
Our Faithful Navigator for the Assembly Year 2019 to 2020 is S/K Ken Claridge.
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